EdAllies Community Survey: Education Needs During the COVID Crisis
EdAllies works to remove barriers facing Minnesota students, families, and the schools that serve them. Right now we are in unprecedented times, and we want to hear from you about what you're experiencing, what your concerns are, and what your hopes are to inform our advocacy over the next several months.

As always, our model is built on partnership. We are eager to understand the daily concerns of education stakeholders so that we can support policy change at the state level, bringing all of our tools to the table: storytelling, advocacy, coalition-building, research, and more. Our work starts with understanding your needs, and the urgency of the moment prompts us to cast a wide, real-time net. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and encourage you to reach out to our team with questions. Email Andrea Roethke, aroethke@edalliesmn.org, and we will follow up ASAP.
1) I'm responding from the lens of a: *
2) Where is your school/program located?
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3) What are your main education concerns right now? What needs to be addressed, short-term and/or long-term?
4) What positive and/or innovative steps have you seen in your school, district, or local community?
5) What needs have not yet been addressed that you hope to see action on?
6) How can EdAllies best support you in the coming months?
7) If school doesn't reconvene this year, what changes do you hope to see over the summer, or at the start of the new school year? (For example, gaps that will need to be filled, visions for major change, innovation, etc.).
8) How significant are the following concerns, from your perspective?
1- Not a concern
5- Highest priority
Student access to high-quality, continuous learning
Student access to food and nutrition
Students meeting academic standards
Students having enough credits to graduate
Widening achievement gaps
Impact on early learning/ kindergarten readiness
Student access to technology/ resources for distance learning
Support/training for educators implementing distance learning
Barriers to adult support for students in the home (work obligations, lack of experience in content, etc.)
Impact of school closures on parents/guardians (job loss, etc.)
Students having to take on other duties (caretaking, working, etc.) that impede learning
Student access to mental health supports
Student access to enrichment activities (art, music, etc.)
Student access to special education services and supports
Student access to English Language Learning services
Student access to extracurriculars
Ability to advance long-term education policy change through an equity lens
Ability to measure COVID-19’s impact on student achievement
Impact on new teacher training, recruitment, and hiring
Measurement, transparency, and accountability around lost learning and student impact
Impact on long-term health/ sustainability of school or district
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Other, not listed above
9) If you are a parent, guardian, or educator, do any of the following apply to you?
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