Rock to the Future’s Teen Music Lounge Request for Proposals
We're thrilled you're interested in working with Rock to the Future! With support from the Bartol Foundation, Rock to the Future has a new program: the Teen Music Lounge.

Rock to the Future is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 2010 that provides music education for Philadelphia’s underserved youth at no cost to them or their families. Using music, our programs ignite passion and creativity, support academic achievement, and improve self-esteem. We empower individuals and strengthen communities.

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Rock to the Future is currently hiring:

Teen Lounge Teaching Artists
3:30-6pm Fridays (Month Long Workshops from one lead teaching artist) February - June
2139 E Cumberland St, Philadelphia, PA 19125
$100 per session (Friday afternoon 3:30 - 6pm) / 1099 contract employment

Rock to the Future is looking for teaching artists for monthly sessions at our new drop-in teen lounge. Rock to the Future's Teen Lounge will provide a safe and positive space for teens to learn music, create their own projects, collaborate with other teens from various neighborhoods and backgrounds, and opportunities for monthly exhibitions. Each month there will be a different featured teaching artist. Workshops topics include but are not limited to: hip-hop, songwriting, voice and vocal improvisation, instrumental instruction on guitar, bass, drums, and piano, recording, digital music and technology, the influence and power of music to make change, and more.

Each Friday from 4 - 6pm, teens ages 13 - 17 will have the opportunity to learn from a teaching artist and work on their projects individually or in groups. At the end of each month, there will be an open showcase for students who wish to present their projects. Teen Music Lounge will accommodate up to 20 participants weekly.

Fill out the below request for proposal to be considered for our fall program.

Winter/Spring Session: January - June 2018: Proposals due December 5, 2017

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Please include a paragraph long plan for each session. Paragraph should include hourly breakdown, goals and objectives with each class, and any videos, referenced artists and reading materials. Keep in mind that each class is about 2 hours. Since this is a drop in program you may have a completely new group of students at each session. Please make sure that week to week the programs can accommodate students without any prior experience. During last session of each month, students should have the opportunity to share what they worked on during the monthly sessions.

NOTE: Some months are only 2 - 3 weeks, if you are applying for a shorter month, please put "N/A" in the sessions that are not applicable.

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