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Thank you for considering adoption from us. We would like to know you a little better through some questions, and in case you need further clarification about something, please message us.

To go through our process in more detail, please visit:
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What is your date of birth? *
In case you are not financially independent or below 22 years of age, we will need to seek the consent of your parents/guardians for approving the adoption.
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Please mention the address you are staying at, with complete details of house/flat number, neighbourhood, city and landmarks
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Please write same as above if your permanent address is the same as your current address.
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Would you like to foster or adopt? *
Do you want to adopt/foster a cat or a dog?
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What is the name of the dog/cat you wish to foster/adopt? *
In case you are not sure, just mention 'unsure' instead of the name.
Why would you like to foster/adopt? *
E.g. companion for yourself / friend for another companion animal/ for children (Foster options may write their reason for fostering)
Who do you live with? *
Number of people living at premises. *
Type of residence *
Have you received permission from your landlord to adopt a dog/cat? *
How many hours a day will the dog/cat be without human company? *
Will the dog/cat have regular contact with children 5 years or under or elderly people? If so, how often and under what circumstances? *
Do you currently have any other companion animals? *
Please mention breed, size, sex, age, and sterilisation and vaccination status
Who will care for your companion animal while you are out of town? *
What is your prior experience with dogs/cats? *
Please elaborate whether you have/had a companion animal and what was your experience like
Please mention any constraints that you might need support with *
Highlight any medical conditions that prevent you from walking/exercise, vet visits or general care. Also, if you have travel constraints like not having personal transport, please mention that as well.
Please provide the name, address and number of your vet (if applicable) *
Are you aware of the vaccination process? *
What do you know about sterilization (neutering for males/spaying for females)? What are your thoughts regarding it? *
Will the dog/cat be neutered/spayed when they come of age? *
What will you do if the adopted animal exhibits dissatisfactory behaviour,
 eg. howling, creating a mess in the house, chewing, etc.? *
What would you do if in future, your family is not willing to keep the dog/cat? *
If a family member develops an allergy and you are advised by a doctor to give away your dog/cat, what will you do? *
If you move out of the city/country, what will you do with your adopted animal? *
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