Programming Board Collaboration Form
To receive funding from Programming Board's Collaboration budget applications must:

-Be submitted by a registered or recognized ASC Campus Organization
-Be submitted 3 weeks prior to your organizations event
-Be free to ASC students. If charging for off campus guests, this must be included on the application form
-Include all contracts, cost estimates, and other supporting documentation for the event to justify your budget request

To receive aid/funding, you must be able to explain why this event.
Programming Board will not cover all costs of the event, but it will be a true collaboration through funding, advertisement, or staffing assistance.
Programming Board must approve all contracts and requisitions for the event.

Organization Information
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Event Information
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Target Audience
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Co-Sponsoring Organization (If applicable)
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Event Description *
Please provide a one-paragraph description of the event and one to three goals for this event
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Collaboration Information
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What type of assistance are you requesting from Programming Board?
Approximate Amount Requested
If requesting monetary amount, please provide a narrow range, as Programming Board will attempt to assist in whatever way possible
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