Resemblance interest survey
Thank you for expressing interest in participating in one of our self-expression and exploration events.

This art collaboration seeks to find the common threads between individuals receiving support from Rahab’s Sisters and Baby Blues Connection.

Artwork will be completed, in two hour sessions, over four months starting in July and facilitated by BBC volunteer Amy Galaviz with Belle Ame Therapy. This project is not art therapy, but an opportunity to process your experience through art.

Using a set of descriptive words, participants work on an open-for-interpretation pieces for two sessions. Organizations then swap artwork and using another set of descriptive words, participants finish work started by the opposite organization.

The goal is to reduce stigma around mental health through the public showing of this collaborative art project. Artists will be identified by first name only, or remain anonymous.

The finished pieces will be shown November and December as part of our Give!Guide campaign.

There is no cost to participate.

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