Local Control and Accountability Plan
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Goals Accomplished this past year
HomeTech Charter School is now a WASC accredited K-12 personalized learning public charter school. We received a six-year accreditation in February 2016!

English 11, English 12, U.S. History, and Government have been added to HomeTech Charter School’s approved a-g course list this year. All core courses are now a-g approved!

Online courses were purchased. Several students are taking courses to satisfy college entrance requirements such as foreign language.

Counseling time was increased from fourteen hours a week to twenty-one hours per week, and Ashley developed a class for our freshman titled Career and College Exploration. The class is based on the Get Focused, Stay Focused curriculum. Ashley and Gail attended a workshop last summer and received training for the new curriculum.

The elementary teacher position time was increased from fourteen hours a week to twenty-one hours per week, and more class time was provided to our elementary students.

30 Mac Books and 30 Chromebooks were purchased for student use last year.

The goal of this survey is to gather feedback on the design and implementation of HomeTech’s priorities for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). Your participation is critical in this decision-making process, and we appreciate your assistance. HomeTech will be receiving additional money to support our students. We would like your opinion on how we can best use this money to benefit your student. Please read each Priority and choose the top two that are of most importance to you, or write something in. Thank you again for your time on this.

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Priority 1: Student Achievement (please choose two)
Priority 2: Student Engagement (please choose two)
Priority 3: Other Student Outcomes (please choose two)
Priority 4: School Climate (please choose two)
Priority 5: Parental Involvement (please choose two)
Priority 6: Basic Services (please choose two)
Priority 7: Implementation of Common Core Standards (please choose two)
Priority 8: Course Access (please choose two)
Are there additional courses you would like to see added to our schedule?
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Six times a year, HomeTech rewards students for academic achievement with Ridge Bucks (local gift cards). Students have received over $600 so far this year. We need your help to keep funding this reward program. When you shop at SaveMart or FoodMaxx, just enter your phone number and HomeTech will receive a 3% donation at no cost to you. Would you like to participate in HomeTech’s Student Reward Program. Thank you!
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Michael Ervin, Principal/Superintendent
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