Single-Sided Swiss (SSS) Community Questions
What undesirable outcomes does the DSS system create?
Why are Two for One (241) and Intentional Draw (ID) matches in DSS a bad thing?
Should byes be offered in a SSS format? If so, should they waive one or two games? Or provide some other benefit like starting side choice?
What objectives should we pursue when matching players in SSS?
Which of these objectives do we care about more than others? What order would you put them in?
Would you rather sometimes face a player of similar record more than once or always face different players but sometimes with a better or worse record? Would you be willing to sacrifice side parity if it meant more matches played with players with a similar record?
Would you rather play the same side repeatedly but at parity with the other side or have more alternation between sides at the expense of final side parity?
In SSS, should we minimize the number of times players face each other, the number of times a players deck faces another player's deck or both?
Bonus Game Theory Question: Would a rational actor pursue “intentional ties” in SSS? How often?
Any other thoughts you'd like to share?
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