2019 COGGS Board Position Application
These questions are used for us to evaluate applicants for open volunteer positions (Board of Director and non-Board) for COGGS. Please answer these informally, but honestly! We sometimes have a high level of responses and hope to find everyone that expresses interest a position within the COGGS "machine". That could be a Board Member, Committee Member or leader on a special project! Or even a future position that is not open yet.

Thanks for your interest! Questions? Secretary@COGGS.com
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Which position are you applying for? *
Why are you interested in being a Board Member or becoming more involved? *
What specific skills or experience do you have to apply or contribute? Think big picture, not just the open positions. *
A COGGS Board Position usually has a tenure of 2 years (maximum 3). Do you have any goals or ideas to accomplish during this time? Do you feel confident to commit to that amount of time? *
Accomplishing projects on the COGGS board requires quite a bit of self-motivation. Please describe a project or goal that you have accomplished that required self motivation. *
Please confirm that you have read the job description for each position you are applying for. *
Success as a COGGS board member can require you to work through contentious issues with your fellow board members. Please describe a situation where you had to find a solution with people who did not agree with you or share your same view. *
What is the COGGS Mission statement? *
Have you served on a non-profit board previously? *
We may have many people interested in the positions and many qualified. Would you be interested in volunteering for other roles if you are not selected for the role that you are applying for? *
Are you typically able to respond to email within 24 hours during the week? *
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