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Please complete this form ONCE FOR EACH CUB Scout that you have registered with the 24th Kitchener Pack We will add this/these email(s) to the Cub Distribution list. Scouters of the 24th will use the information that you provide here to communicate events, dates, times and other important information about your groups events. You will need to check your email regularly to stay informed.
PLEASE READ the questions carefully and REMEMBER to CLICK SUBMIT on the "Thank you" screen at the end. You should get an instant message that your response has been recorded.
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If you are a REGISTERED Scouter (Leader) with the 24th Kitchener, Please indicate the primary section in which you are a leader.
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If your youth has their own personal email address and you would like them to receive these emails, please provide their address here. THIS IS AT PARENTS DISCRETION. Please know that we will never send any email only to our youth.
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