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The entire program will be conducted virtually. All your tasks will be mailed to you and you have to submit reports via mail only. Its a 7-day Marketing Program wherein you will be required to complete certain marketing tasks within a set period of time. With successful completion of ALL tasks, you will be awarded a credible digital certificate by Camp K12 certifying that you completed a Marketing Internship with the company.

Since one of the phase is Digital Marketing, you are required to have active social media profiles i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Etc.

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Terms and Conditions of your work with Camp K12 Digital Marketing Project :- 1) You are working on a temporary assignment as part of our marketing project only for the duration assigned to you, which is presently scheduled for 7 - 15 days and can be extended mutually. 2) After your assignment is over, you would immediately stop representing Camp K12 in any shape or form or any platform, including social and electronic media. 3) You undertake to carry yourself professionally. 4) You indemnify Camp K12 and its associated companies for your actions and behaviour. 5) The data and information collected by you is the sole property of Camp K12 and shall not be shared with any other company/party or individual anytime, other than the designated Camp K12 representative. 6) The Camp K12 information about the company, policy, project, plans etc, shared by Camp K12 Marketing Team with you, is ONLY to assist you in executing the project, and is highly confidential. 7) The authenticity/genuineness of the details of the surveyed parties (i.e. parents/teachers) shall be certified by you. Camp K12 reserves the rights to hold you accountable for any false/fake information provided. Camp K12 will verify the data provided by you, at random, from time to time. 8) Your certificate shall be a direct reflection of your performance during the internship tenure, and you will be rated - Below Satisfactory, Fair, Good, Excellent, based on the quality and quantity of the data and reports submitted by you. 9) You shall not post any unfavorable or negative comments on Camp K-12, anonymously or in your name, in any public or private groups/aliases (like any college alias or any personal group), social media, or any kind of online or electronic media. 10) Any kind of Breach, Non-compliance or misrepresentation of any of the above, shall lead to dire consequences including immediate termination of your internship with the company and denial of the experience certificate and in extreme cases legal proceedings may be instituted.11) No excuse shall be entertained owing to exams coming up etc. Abandoning the project at any point of time shall not be taken lightly.
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