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Thanks for your interest in a partnership with 826CHI! In your request, please describe how 826CHI could enhance a writing project or collaborate with your community-based organization to bring a writing workshop to your youth. Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Due to high demand and limited capacity, we can only take on a few partnerships per season. However, we encourage you to apply regardless and we'll keep you in mind for future projects. If you have any questions, please contact

Our registration approach supports our mission of expanding arts access and equity across the city of Chicago.

The 826CHI team will carefully evaluate each application and select partners and organizations that align with our priority enrollment criteria, which prioritizes schools and organizations with a low number of existing arts partnerships, as well as youth that identify as English Language Learners and families that identify as low-income.
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Please note, if you are acting as the community liaison, a lead teacher / project manager must be identified and named in your proposal.
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Briefly describe how a team of 826CHI writers/volunteers could support creative writing in your classroom (s) / site?
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A 'session' can range from a 1, 2, or 3 hour workshop session.
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Approximately how many students total do you hope will benefit from 826CHI visits? We require that a minimum of 12 students participate in the proposed program. *
What is your recruitment and registration plan? Do you foresee any issues with this? *
Please note that all 826CHI programming is free for our students and families and must remain so in all our partnerships. We prioritize working with partners that also offer free programming to youth and families. With this program, 826CHI relies on the partner organization to recruit and ensure that there are a minimum of 12 students registered and attending each session of the workshop.
What do you hope the final product or outcome will be for this project? *
Have you or your students participated in other 826CHI programs or events? *
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Do you have previous experience working with volunteers at your site? If so, please describe. *
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It is required that a teacher / supervisor is present in the room at all times while working with 826CHI volunteers. Who will be present during 826CHI sessions? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share with us as it relates to the project?
826CHI programs are always free. However, it's helpful to know any resources you might be able to contribute to this project.
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