Tolkien Fan Fiction Survey

The Tolkien Fan Fiction Survey ran from 24 December 2014 to 1 December 2015. At the survey's closing, 1,074 Tolkien fans had participated. Created by Dawn "Felagund" Walls-Thumma, a graduate student and participant in the Tolkien fan fiction community as an author, reader, and archive owner, the survey was designed to collect data on the habits, beliefs, and preferences of Tolkien fans who participate in reading and/or writing fan fiction. The survey was initially intended to collect data for a presentation at the Mythmoot III conference. Additional papers and presentations through both academic and fannish channels will present the data and open discussion among scholars and fans.

While Dawn is not posting the data publicly, she will share it with anyone who contacts her and expresses an interest. Please email her at if you would like a copy of the data, or if you have any additional questions about this project.

You can follow Dawn's work with the survey data on her blog and social media pages:

Many, many thanks to all who participated and spread the word about the survey.