Thursday's Exit Ticket (3/19)
Solve each problem, if possible. If a problem does NOT have enough information, write the information that is needed to solve the problem.
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At the school bookstore, Quinn purchased a binder for $4.75 and 4 pens for $0.79 each. What was Quinn's total cost (c)? *
A school bus has 12 rows of seats, and 4 students can be seated in each row. How many students (s) are riding the bus if 11 rows are filled with students and 2 students are riding in the 12th row? *
A group of 16 friends visited an amusement park. When they arrived, 3/4 of the friends wanted to ride the fastest roller coaster first. How many friends (f) wanted to ride first? *
Zeke is a shipping clerk for a large business. Today he spent 90 minutes preparing boxes for shipping. One box weighed 10 pounds and 7 boxes weighed 3 1/2 pounds. What is the total weight (w) of the boxes? *
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