Stoughton Youth Hockey Association Coaches Application
Thank you for your interest in coaching youth hockey in Stoughton. We truly appreciate your support!

The Submission of a coach’s application does not guarantee a coaching position for the season. The number of coaches required, experience and references would all be considered when appointing coaches. Some coaching position assignments are dependent on which team the coach’s player ends up on and will not be determined until after tryouts. SYHA reserves the right to place coaches in positions where they are most critically needed. Coaches with children who play will only be considered for teams that their kids play on unless otherwise requested by the coach.

Please complete the application below and submit it to the Stoughton Youth Hockey Association by July 31st to be considered for a position for the upcoming season. Late applications will be reviewed at the discretion of the Stoughton Youth Hockey Board of Directors.

* The Stoughton Youth Hockey Association is a member in good standing of Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association (WAHA), an affiliate of USA Hockey. USA Hockey requires a police background check for all volunteers who work directly with children - including, but not limited to, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers and team managers.
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