Bond Perception Survey for Members of the Clio Community: May - June, 2019
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Are you a resident of the Clio Area School District?
Do you have children enrolled in Clio Area Schools?
The Clio Area School District is committed to providing facilities that are safe, clean, cost effective, and support student instruction and growth. Please rate how likely you would be to support the following:
Installation of air conditioning across the district
Lighting, electrical, motor and pump upgrades to increase energy efficiency in all buildings
Technology Improvements in all buildings
Upgrades to lighting, sound and technology in the high school auditorium.
Site Improvements
Improvements to driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and curbs
Irrigate and/or improve drainage on baseball and softball fields
Improve drainage on playgrounds at all buildings
Complete Phase II of the athletic complex renovation at Clio High School - includes team rooms, new public restrooms and a new concession stand
Install additional bleachers for sporting events at Clio High School and Carter Middle School
Renovation of locker rooms at Clio High School and Carter Middle School
Install an artificial turf field at Clio High School to permit use by all groups - football, soccer, band, etc.
Construction of a Clio Community Hall of Fame at Clio High School
Upgrades to fitness and weight rooms
Installation of musical instrument lockers in Clio High School and Carter Middle School
Redesign of media centers and other large spaces at all buildings to facilitate improved student instruction
Add multi-purpose rooms at each elementary school to facilitate improved instruction
Renovate science labs at all levels to include STEM instruction (includes robotics and engineering needs)
Reconfigure existing buildings to accommodate current enrollment and "right size" the district
Installation of additional security measures (cameras, PA systems, new doors, fences, etc.)
Please share with us other potential improvements that might be included in a bond project for current and future students.
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Would you support a bond initiative for the Clio Area School District to finance improvements to provide safe, clean, and cost-saving energy efficient facilities that enhance instruction and student learning?
If you answered No to the previous question , would you please share with us your concerns and reluctance to support a bond issue for the Clio Area School District?
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