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Please tell us about your course. If you would like to teach multiple courses, please complete a separate form for each course.

To get free admittance to SkyEarth and to be fed two meals per day as an Instructor, we ask that you teach an equivalent of two full days of instruction or 12 hours of classes (one instructional session block on our schedule is approximately 1.5 hours and we have four sessions per day - two in the morning and two in the afternoon).
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How long is your class? (If our instructional blocks are approximately 1.5 hours, how many 1.5 hour blocks will your class require? If multiple days, describe what typically happens during each day and if you have a preference for which days you teach.)
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Do you have a class size limit? If so, please tell us the maximum number of students you can take per class session. *
Please include your biography for the website. (One bio per instructor even if teaching multiple classes)
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Do you have a Facebook Page we could link to in our social media promotions? Or a website? Please provide below.
Do you wish to sell any merchandise in the Mercantile? If so, please describe your items below with pricing information and send images to (If your merchandise changes as we get closer to the gathering, we can make updates. This information will be used to get a jump start on planning and advertising for additional registrations)
If you aren't aware, instructors at SkyEarth have their meals covered. Are you bringing family/significant other(s) with you? For cooking purposes, how many "adult equivalent" mouths TOTAL do we need to plan for? (example: if you have two children joining you that together eat about 1/2 of an adult's portion, you would enter "1.5" adult equivalents)
Do you have any food allergies and/or dietary restrictions we should be aware of?
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