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The student members of Developh, mostly high schoolers and college students based all around the world, are looking to travel across different areas of the Philippines from the months of May to August to work in pursuit of advancing Computer Science and STEM education through technology, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to empower the youth with the awareness that they can succeed and make change in these fields, educate them through our workshop activities, resources, and tools, and lead them to be career-ready innovators. Our goal is to help students in the areas we visit establish their own groups to continue what Developh teaches them, so they can sustainably learn together and build things with the aid of our resources. For long-term partners, we assist the youth in building social impact projects from applications to hardware solutions that can directly make a difference in their community.

For areas with existing emerging tech communities and the desire to collaborate, we are open to exploring working together on events.

Reach out to us at, check our website at for any queries.

Developh is an international nonprofit run by students, founded in 2016 that aims to accelerate student-led technology and innovation for social impact through education, opportunity, and community. Our goal is to reach 2,500 students on the ground across the Philippines this year, and work on improving computer science education across the Philippines.

For a sample of what our outreach entails, you can read our Teach Tech Primer:
For more information on our tour, visit

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The following questions help us understand where your community is and how we can best help you.
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List the name of your community, school, organization, barangay, etc. based on what you're representing.
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If no web presence, this helps us better understand what your group is. Are you a school that caters to K-12 with a curriculum focused on STEM? Are you an organization working with children of a certain history or age? A short description will help.
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Whether it's the address of the school/community or the name of the district, city, region. Example: Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental or Tondo, Manila, NCR
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Interest for long-term partnership
For communities located around the Mega Manila area (Metro Manila and surrounding provinces), we are also open to long-term partnerships where we can schedule recurring visits to your area and invite the youth in your community to large organization-wide events to further build on what they learn, and help them from education to the launching of tech projects. This involves student volunteers visiting on the regular and invitations to our community. If you're interested in a long-term partnership, tick below:
Additional notes or comments
If you have preferred months for us to visit (within May to August), have any questions or ideas, or if you're filling this form as a company or organization interested in working with us in different ways, please let us know.
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Thank you!
We're currently in the planning phase of our tour, and are sorting out dates and events. We'll reach out to you for an initial talk as soon as possible to best see how we can work together to spread code to every Filipino.

The tour program is run by the President, Chiara Amisola. You can reach the organization at or see our website at You can reach Chia at

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