191 CAT Survey(1)
Please take a few minutes to share your priorities and concerns for the 2024 contract negotiations. This Information will be instrumental in drafting a proposal that takes into account the issues that matter most to you, and our Local Union. Answer each question to the best of your ability. If you have no answer, please leave it blank. Your responses will be kept confidential and anonymous. 191 CAT values your input!
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What are the most important issues you would like to see addressed in the upcoming contract negotiations?

Are there any specific changes to the current contract language that you would like to see negotiated?

What are your priorities when it comes to compensation, benefits, and working conditions?
How can we build stronger solidarity and support among our members in the lead-up to the negotiations?
What steps can we take to ensure that the bargaining team has the resources and support they need to negotiate a strong contract on our behalf?
Would you be in favor of prioritizing certain bargaining demands over others, and if so, which ones?
How can we ensure that our demands take into account the changing nature of the economy, electrical industry, and the workforce?
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