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What TEC provides - and what TEC asks of you
The Energy Coalition (TEC) is proud to support your school or site! Through hands-on science and action-based activities, students learn to apply their knowledge while building a life-long ethic of environmental stewardship.
PEAK Scholarship
When you are awarded a PEAK Scholarship, you will obtain access to PEAK training that will prepare you to implement PEAK in your classroom and share the program with colleagues. The PEAK Scholarship period lasts for one calendar year beginning the day you sign the Enrollment Form. If awarded, your PEAK Scholarship will include:

• Professional Development Training
• Digital access to lessons and program materials access lessons and program materials
• A toolkit of hands-on supplies for the PEAK lessons
• Individual support from staff (online, over-the-phone, and in-person)
• On-site support through virtual and in-person STEM Hero speakers
• Lab days hosted by Field Educators, green career classroom resources, and more

To maintain our scholarship program, we ask educators to complete the following requirements that can also be used towards the application of Extended Studies credit through participating universities. PEAK Scholarship awardees agree to complete the following requirements:
• Complete PEAK Professional Development Training ( 2-3 hours/online; 4-6 hours in-person)
• Direct students to complete the PEAK Pre-Learning Surveys (0.5 hours)
• Teach the Kickoff Lesson and a minimum of three other PEAK lessons (9+ hours)
• Direct students to complete the PEAK Post-Learning Surveys (0.5 hours)
• Complete a Program Evaluation at the end of teaching (0.5 hours)
PEAK Toolkit and Support
Educators accept responsibility for the contents of the PEAK Toolkit. Supplies are eligible for replenishment upon completion of all program requirements and submission of an annual Enrollment Form. If an educator chooses not to re-enroll in the program, arrangements will be made to return the PEAK Toolkit to The Energy Coalition so that another educator may be awarded a PEAK Scholarship and utilize materials.

Contact your Education Specialist or with questions.

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