Gold Mountain Vista Survey
GBD Enterprises LLC is a family run company, headquartered in Reno, NV and focused on developing Gold Mountain Vista, a multi-unit apartment complex in Crescent Valley. We heard there's a need for housing in the mining community, and we believe there are benefits for those workers with a long round trip commute to the mine site ~10-15 miles from Crescent Valley. To confirm our belief, we would appreciate your support to complete this short online survey.
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Are you a [ select one ] employee?
Do you work [ select one ] for your employer?
Is your employer the [ select one ]?
From what city do you currently start your daily work commute? *
Select the range that includes your age:
Select the range that includes your estimated annual income (Personal or Family):
What is your current one-way daily commute time to the shuttle stop in Crescent Valley (in minutes)?
How do you spend most of your time commuting?
Do you currently [ select one ] ?
Are you living in a shared accommodation situation (not with family members)?
If you selected YES in the last question, please indicate [ how many ] other individuals you live with:
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Do you directly pay for your living accommodations?
If you selected No in the last question, are you receiving a stipend to help pay for your rent/lodging?
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What is your current monthly rental/lodging cost?
As a RENTER, please indicate how important the following are to you (using the 1 - 5 scale, where 1 is least important and 5 is most important). Choose as many as apply.
furnished apartment
in-apartment washer/dryer unit
weekly houskeeping service
carport parking
extra storage
shared living
space for family
landscaped picnic grounds
outdoor BBQ area
children's playground
cable hook-up
internet connection
short distance to shopping
nearby restaurants
cultural activities
Using the same 1 - 5 scale, how important would it be for you to live closer to work?
Not very important
Very important
If you selected a 3 or above in the last question, what would you appreciate from a shorter commute?  Choose as many as apply.
If interested in living in Crescent Valley, would you consider a pick up/drop off service from and to the apartment complex a benefit?
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