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The WA Vets Will Clinic provides eligible veterans and their spouses with free Wills, Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney, and Power of Attorney for Healthcare documents.

In order to be eligible for the WA Vets Will Clinic, you must:

(1) Be a Veteran of a branch of the United States Armed Forces, or a spouse of a Veteran;
(2) Have a DD 214 or other official document showing military service (Report of Separation, discharge papers, etc.);
(3) Be a Washington resident;
(4) Have a net worth of less than $500,000.00 ($1,000,000.00 if married).

For the purposes of the WA Vets Will Clinic your net worth consists of your cash, personal property, stock and bonds, real estate (equity only), savings, life insurance, inheritances, and retirement assets like a 401(k), military retirement, or an IRA. If you have a large, complicated estate, or want to establish a Trust, this program is not available to you.

Certain types of assets have designated beneficiaries: life insurance policies, payable on death accounts, retirement plants, 401(k)s, or other assets with a named beneficiary. These assets will pass outside of your Will to the person(s) or entities identified as beneficiaries. WA Vets Will Clinic does not handle beneficiary designations on any assets. You should regularly check with your insurance policy provider, financial adviser, bank or other advisor(s) to make sure your beneficiary designations on these and your other assets are current.

If you have minor children, the Washington Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) prevents assets from transferring outright to those children until age eighteen (18). In such a case, the asset(s) transferred to the child would be held by a custodian, until they reach eighteen (18). Avoiding the UTMA requires creating a Trust in your Will that holds the assets, and is overseen by a Trustee, until your children reaches an age of your choosing. Trusts of this nature and other UTMA issues are NOT handled by the WA Vets Will Clinic. This is a brief overview of the UTMA, if you have concerns or require additional advice you should seek the counsel of an attorney outside of the WA Vets Will Clinic and should not enroll.

Further, WA Vets Will Clinic does not give advice / legal representation with respect to: 1) estate, gift, income and/or Generation Skipping Transfer tax issues; 2) special needs or charitable trusts; 3) citizenship / domicile issues; 4) assets managed or held outside of the U.S; 5) short or long term care planning; 6) immigration issues; and 7) litigation of any kind; 8) Minor and/or children's trusts; 9) Any issue implicating RCW 11.114 - Uniform transfers to minors act; 10) specific bequests of property other than those permitted by a list (those permitted in RCW 11.12.260) - this does NOT include real property gifts.

No attorneys involved in the WA Vets Will Clinic program have performed a conflict search on your name or your spouse or partner's name. If you are aware of any legal proceeding involving you and your WA Vets Will Clinic attorney, please alert the attorney at the beginning of your WA Vets Will Clinic meeting so that the attorney will arrange for another attorney to meet with you. All discussions with an attorney will be kept confidential. The WA Vets Will Clinic does not keep a copy of your Will or other estate planning documents; it will be up to you to keep your original documents in a safe place. Some individuals need complex estate plans that may require assistance beyond what is available in this program. The attorney assigned to work with you will advise you if a referral is necessary in your case. You should understand that significant legal rights may be affected by having a married couple attend the same WA Vets Will Clinic estate planning appointment. The WA Vets Will Clinic only advises participants who submit this form and are accepted to participate in the Clinic, not beneficiaries or other individuals. You and your spouse have the option to both seek independent counsel regarding your estate plan, by attending the WA Vets Will Clinic with your spouse you acknowledge and waive this right and waive any conflict and/or right to separate representation.

This questionnaire will answer some common questions and prepare you to discuss your needs with an attorney, as well as organize information that the attorney needs to advise you and prepare your estate plan. If you have any questions about this intake form, please email Wenatchee@WAVetsWillClinic.com. The WA Vets Will Clinic cannot guaranty the security of you transmission or storage of information. By agreeing to these terms you agree to hold WA Vets Will Clinic harmless for any and all loss or disclosure of information.

No attorney client relationship is created by submitting this form, nor is there any guarantee of service of any kind.

By checking the following box, you acknowledge you have read the information and instructions above, waive any conflicts, and agree to the terms of WA Vets Will Clinic
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