DSG Senior League 2019/20
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It is incredibly helpful if you can host SL rounds at your school. Without these opportunities, we wouldn't be able to run SL. Thank you very much in advance! You can discuss a maximum number of teams with our SL co-ordinator Klaus-Peter Heil.
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Final rounds
The final rounds will take place on SAT, 23rd MAY 2020. They are typically hosted by one of the finalist teams. However, should you be interested in hosting the event, you can mark this accordingly below.
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The Würzburg weekend comprises SL rounds 5-8 plus the newly added octo-final, and take place in the Würzburg Youth Hostel. The dates are: FRI, 6th MAR 2019 - SUN, 8th MAR 2020. Payment (two nights, full board) is ca €84.00 per participant; student judges €42.00 (prices may vary - these are the ones from 2019)
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New DSG membership condition
It has been discussed in last year's meeting in WÜ and decided in the AGM that all participating schools must be DSG members as legal entities ('Juristische Person') as of the 2019/20 season. Should your school need to sign up as a DSG member, please follow this link:

Sign-up deadline is 31st DEC 2019

Please fill in, scan and send back to us:
Our school is either already a member or will sign up as member by 31st DEC *
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