Journalists and cybersecurity
Journalists: Your opinions are needed. We are writing a paper on how cybersecurity is reported in the media and are looking to collect data around how journalists tackle this topic, if they do at all. We’ve created a short survey to take the pulse of the media industry in order to see if we can improve the information channels between security practitioners and journalists.

This survey is aimed at journalists of all types with no specialism required. We welcome participation from all corners of the globe and thank you in advance for taking the time to help with our data collection. Research contact:
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What are some examples of the cybersecurity stories that you have covered?
If you pitch stories, is it difficult to pitch cybersecurity stories? Why or why not.
What are some examples of the cybersecurity stories that you were unable to publish due to your publication’s scope and readership?
Do you have contacts or sources within the cybersecurity industry? *
Do the majority of your cybersecurity contacts come via a PR agency?
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Would you say that the cybersecurity sources that you have are diverse in gender?
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Have you ever assisted a security researcher with Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD)? *
Have you undergone any cybersecurity training in your career as a journalist? *
If you are a full-time employee, does your company offer cybersecurity training?
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Do you think that the mainstream news media does a good job at covering cybersecurity? *
Any additional comments that you’d like to offer.
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