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Booch Pricing:
4-pack sampler (4 oz each)- $8
Pint (16 oz) - $5
Quart (32 oz) - $10
1/2 gallon (64 oz) - $20
Gallon (124 oz) - $40

We suggest that if you purchase glass from us for a recurring order, you purchase twice the number that you will plan to order on a weekly or monthly basis. That way, you can return us your empty containers (a quick rinse is appreciated) when you pick up your filled ones. We will sanitize the returned glass and have sparkling clean ones ready for you to pick up or have delivered.

For instance, if you plan to order two quarts per week, purchase four quart-sized containers.

Glass Pricing:
Sample - $ 4
Pint -$ 10
Quart- $12
Growler- $14

*** When placing your order, please give a minimum of 24-hours notice to arrange for pick up. Orders will be filled when kombucha is available and on a first-come, first-served basis. ***
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Mango Likiloi Habanero
Jalapeno Lime
Coffee Kombucha
Spiced Cranberry
Ginger Lemon Lime
Mulled Cider
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