American Fork High School Marching Band Contract 2020
As a member of the 2020 American Fork High School Marching Band, I agree to abide by the following policies and procedures. I further understand that for the betterment of the band, a violation of any one of these policies will result in my being reassigned positions or removed from the American Fork Marching Band program.

1) Attendance Policy:

REHEARSAL: Members will be allowed a maximum of: 0 unexcused absences. 3 excused absences (prior approval required) 3 Tardies. Tardies will be made up after each rehearsal with the section leader. No absence at rehearsal just prior to competition will be excused.

CAMPS: There are several required camps that all students MUST attend. No absences are allowed. The camps for this season are listed below with performance dates. They are also on the band Charms calendar, which can be accessed on the band website or your high school Charms account.

PERFORMANCE: All performances are required. Performances include parades, competitions, football games, and other relevant marching band events. Events can be found on the band charms calendar which can be accessed through the band website or your high school charms account. Any additional performances or practices not on the calendar will be part of this contract if two weeks notice is given.

May 25 Memorial Day Performance
June 22-26 Fundamentals Camp
June 27 Lehi Parade
July 4 Provo Parade
July 11 Steel Days Parade
July 27-31 Camp @AFHS
Aug 3-6 Camp @ Delta
Aug 10-12 Camp @ AFHS
Sept 11-12 Cleaning Camp
Sept 16-17 Cleaning Camp
Sept 19 MB Comp 1
Sept 26 MB Comp 2
Sept 30, Oct 1 Cleaning Camp
Oct 3 MB Comp 3
Oct TBD BYU Comp
Oct 10 MB Comp 4
Oct 21-22 Cleaning
Oct 24 MB Comp 5
Oct 29- Nov 1 State/Region St. George
Nov 11-15 Grand Nationals Indiana

2) All music must be memorized by the designated deadlines or your position in the band may be reassigned. Music must be passed off to section leaders, designated staff and/or Director. Section leaders are there to help you, so please use their help with the music.

3) Members may be asked to perform their Drill Segments and marching technique for their section leaders, staff and/or Director. Drill segments will include proper field position, horn position, body motion, music performance, etc.

4) Attendance at section rehearsals is required. Any absence must have prior approval of the section leader and Band Director.

5) “Any U.H.S.A.A. sponsored activities must meet academic eligibility as established by the state or region. Music, Flags, Rifles…when competing must have a 2.0 G.P.A.” Members must maintain a 2.0 grade average to be eligible for competitions. Grades will be checked periodically.

6) All fees are NON REFUNDABLE and must be paid in compliance with the payment schedule.

7) To assure uniformity of the band, extremes in appearance such as hair color, facial jewelry, hair over the collar, beards, mustaches etc. are not permitted.

8) I will not complain to anyone who cannot fix the problem. If the problem cannot be fixed, I will not complain. I will not listen to anyone else complain!

9) I agree that my social media posts will reflect the band program, staff and band members in a positive manner. Remember, you are what you tweet! Please be responsible in your social media communications.

10) Payment Schedule (Payable to AFHS Band): Deposit MUST be paid at the finance office. All others can be made on NO CHECKS. CASH/CREDIT CARD only!!

Marching Band: Feb 28 - $450 Deposit (Percussion and Color Guard, April 24), April 24 - $250, May 22 - $250
Tour: July 10 - $300, Aug 10 - $300, Sept 10 -$300, Oct 10 - $TBD final payment

By submitting this form, I understand and agree to these policies and realize that the success of the AFHS Band is dependent on my dedication and commitment to individual excellence. My attitude and ability will combine with other members to create the spirit and precision of the American Fork Band. I agree to be removed from the show if these expectations are not fulfilled.
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