Save Your Story - Youth Ages 5-13
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What is your name? (Please type "anonymous" if you don't want to give your name.)
How old are you?
How has your life changed lately?
Name something that has not changed lately.
Do you enjoy being home all day?
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What do you like about being at home all day?
What do you not like about being at home all day?
Tell us about school before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Do you miss going to school? Why or why not?
How has your family been helpful with your school work?
Have you been bored or do you find yourself busier than before COVID-19?
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What new hobbies or interests have you discovered since being at home?
What do you miss about life before the pandemic?
What are some of your biggest worries right now?
Where do you wish you could go that you can't at this time?
What do you do when you are upset about all of the changes that have happened lately?
What special days have you had to celebrate in a different way? How have you changed the way you celebrate?
What toys, games, and books have you been enjoying lately?
Have your friendships changed? If so, how?
What ways are you using to stay in contact with people who are important to you?
What other ways have you found happiness during this time?
Your experience as a kid during COVID-19
Here are some prompts to get you started but feel free to submit any writing or art related to COVID-19 or social distancing.
• What did you do today/this week? How was that different than what you would normally do?
• What changes have you observed in your family, your friends, or your local community?
• Has this crisis changed any of your plans for vacations, school activities (concerts, sports, plays, etc.)
celebrations, or religious activities?
• What has been the most difficult thing for you? Do you think there’s anything positive about what’s
• What do you miss most about “normal life”? Are there any changes that you like or enjoy?

Please email artwork or photography that expresses your experience during COVID-19 to
Tell us about your experience.
To be filled out by a parent or guardian: The information provided is my child's. I agree to the terms of the Library of Michigan Save Your Story project. . My child's submission can be used for display or research by the public and will be shared with the Library of Michigan Share Your Story Project or any other way the City of Dearborn sees fit. The City of Dearborn has the right to refuse a submission because it does not fit the theme or intent for the Save Your Story project. *
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