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TEPA to Utilize New Answering System for Electric Outage Calls
Tombigbee Electric Power Association (TEPA) is making plans to install automated equipment for taking member calls during a power outage. The new system will only be used for taking member calls during major power outages due to stormy weather or other emergency situations.
Before the new system can be put in service, we need members to provide TEPA with their preferred telephone number(s) where they receive electric service. Please provide phone numbers in the spaces below:
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Read This to Learn More About the New System:
Each member has a specific and individual “account” for each physical location where electric service is received. One way to identify that account during a power outage is to use our telephone system “caller-identification” or “caller-id” feature. To use this feature, TEPA is requesting that all its members receiving this notice, to respond and to provide their telephone number data. After each member provides phone number identifiers for each electric service or meter location, TEPA will enter those telephone numbers into the existing TEPA customer data base. This system will only be used during electric outage periods. Members calling for normal day-to-day service requests will still be answered and greeted by the switchboard operator during normal business hours.
The new system planned for activation later this year can accommodate hundreds of member calls at the same time. For example, if the household or the business uses both the standard telephone “land-line” and a personal cell phone, both or either phone can be used by our system’s caller ID feature to identify the caller and the companion account location where electric service has been interrupted. This will greatly aid emergency workers to identify the area in trouble, make repairs, and resume electric service quicker.
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If you wish to learn more about this service being planned for use later this year…or other services and programs offered by TEPA, please visit our website at
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