Gabriel, A Deadly Sin, and Harlot by Tracie Podger - Blog Tour
Bare Naked Words are delighted to be hosting a Blog Tour to promote three thriller/suspense standalone books by Tracie Podger: Gabriel, A Deadly Sin, and Harlot.
This is a promotional tour - we are looking for blog and social media exposure.

Blog Tour Dates: 4th - 6th September

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Genre: Dark, epic thrillers for readers over the age of 18.

Gabriel Synopsis:

There are some f**ked up people in the world, unfortunately, the worst kind ended up
destroying my life.
My wife had been murdered and I made it my mission to find out why and by whom.
But when the ‘why’ and the ‘whom’ invaded my small town, my house, my life, and turned it
upside down, it brought more death and devastation.
When you don’t know your enemy it’s hard to know who to trust. I had the greatest religion
on earth on one side and a mad man on the other. I was stuck in the middle.
My name is Gabriel. I had a perfect life, a perfect wife, and now I am fighting for justice.

A Deadly Sin Synopsis

There are seven deadly sins, so they say.
Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, and Greed.
We are guilty of them all. But what happens when someone decides to become judge, jury,
and executioner of those that commit these sins?
Detective Mich Curtis is thrown back into a world he thought he’d managed to struggle out
It started as a simple murder case to solve – it became a fight to survive.
Seven sins, seven murders – who will be the last man standing?
The executioner or the only person fucked up enough to get inside his mind?

Harlot Synopsis

Charlotte Kenny is nineteen years old and a prostitute.
Not by choice, though.
When a client is murdered, Charlotte is thrown into a world she believes should be between the pages of a novel.

Beau Mercier is an ass with a dark past.
When Charlotte ends up on his doorstep, he knows trouble will follow.

Two people, who neither trust nor like each other, are forced together in a town where all is not as it seems.
Can Charlotte escape her trouble? Can Beau open up enough to help her?
Both want to, but secret pasts, murder, and intrigue, get in the way.

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