The advent of technology in the last decade has been immense. It has integrated into our lives deeply and unavoidably. And while technology has already brought many beneficial changes, it can be argued that it also has a dark side – that of cyber-attacks. In this digital age, we should know how to protect ourselves, our privacy, identity and sensitive information from cyber-attacks. Therefore, getting familiar with cyber security fundamentals is the way to go in today’s interconnected environment.
The purpose of this workshop is to provide an introduction on the practices and challenges in cyber security; emerging threats and trends in cyberspace and technological challenges that are posed by the rising threats in cyberspace. It will also provide an opportunity to learn about the current state of Cyber security and Laws in India.

Our Experts
1. Mr. Surender Kumar Verma, Scientist ‘C’
Indian Computer Emergency Response Team
Ministry of Electronics and IT
Topic: BotNet Detection Methodologies
2. Mr. Dhanajoy Dey, Scientist ‘F’
Scientist Analysis Group, DRDO
Topic: Introduction to Quantum and Post Quantum Cryptography
3. Dr. Anurag Jain, Associate Prof.,
Topic: CyberPAD- Case study of plastic card fraud
4. Inspr. Sajjan Singh
Topic : Cyber Forensic
5. Mr. Rahul Tyagi, Vice President,
Lucideus Tech pvt. Ltd
Topic: Securing Digital India from Cyber Attacks
6. Mr. Neeraj Aarora, Senior Advocate,
Supreme Court of India
Topic: Admissibility and authenticity of electronic evidence
7. Mr. Akash Jain, Cyber Law Head,
Lucideus pvt. Ltd
Topic: Legal Regime of Cyber Crime

The workshop is organized by Department of Computer Science, University of Delhi in collaboration with ICSL and SSCBS.

Venue of workshop: Seminar Hall, Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (SSCBS), Dr. K.N. Katju Marg Rohini Sector 16, PSP Area IV, New Delhi, Delhi-110089

Note: The colleges are requested to nominate two students per college to participate in the workshop.
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