Mail-In Knife Service
Welcome to our Mail-in Knife Service form! Here you will find the most up-to-date prices, some of which are new for 2017.

The Primary service section below will take you to the appropriate page when you click 'next'. On each subsequent page it will ask you if you need any 'Additional Services' which will take you to the relevant section(s) for your knives.

Just fill out one form for all your knives. The check boxes are just so we are on the same page as you regarding your knife and pricing - these are our most up to date prices. You will be able to detail exactly what you are wanting done on each knife in your own words on the final "summary" page

What is the PRIMARY service you will be needing? *
Based upon your selection you will be brought to the appropriate page w/ options. On that page you can then select other sections of the same broad topics below.
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Please enter a description, along with number of blades you will be sending in.
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So we can contact you to notify you of receipt of your package, furnish a tracking # upon the return shipment, and send the online invoice when the work is done.
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Preferred method of contact?
Which shipping companies are you fine with us using for the return shipping? *
Razor Edge Knives LLC bears no responsibility while your package is in the shipping carrier's care. Please note that USPS will be the fastest return shipping option. UPS shipment times will vary and may be delayed a couple days as they do not pick up daily like USPS. If you want anything special please enter it in the other box (i.e. "USPS: Express") Default option will be USPS Priority & UPS ground. Also note that when using USPS for return shipment we use's private insurance which has a great claims process to cover any items lost or damaged. While we do accept shipments from all major carriers, we no longer use FedEx to ship your items back to you.
How much insurance do you want on the return trip? *
Enter dollar amount or 0. You will be billed for both this and the shipping in the invoice.
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How did you hear about us?
Let us know if you are a return customer or how you heard about us!
If we discussed working on your blade(s), where was it discussed? *
This helps us quickly track down what we are doing on your knife! You can enter your answer below such as: facebook, instagram, bladeforums, online chat widget, email, text, etc...
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Forum username (if applicable)
Please put the forum name and your username in case we need to send you a PM - if applicable.
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Shipping Notes *
Sorry but necessary! Check each box below, which indicates that you agree to these terms. Please note that if you do not agree we will not work on your knives, or if you print this form off and mail it in this could cause a delay in your order as you must then send a confirmation email that you agree to these terms.
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