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The Minnesota Healing Justice Network is a collaborative network of community healers and practitioners centering the wellness of Black and Brown families through mutual aid, health equity, and solidarity.

We are a diverse circle of humans identifying as women, men, cis, trans, and non-binary folx from all walks of life, families, and perspectives. We also identify as indigenous, black, or people of color and are concerned about the high rates of racial and health disparities in our communities, as well as the stress we all face as caregivers.

Our 10 values:


Not a person of color, active healer, or Minnesota resident?

Since the MN Healing Justice Network is a BIPOC community, we suggest joining our Solidarity Network as a way to be a part of the work the Network is doing in the community instead of filling out this form to join the Network. The form below is solely for BIPOC healers working in the community.

Solidarity Network:

The Solidarity Network is a diverse circle of humans - from Minnesota and beyond, women and men, cis, trans, and non-gender conforming folks from all walks of life, families, and perspectives - who recognize their areas of privilege and are committed to healing justice and equity. We work alongside the MN Healing Justice Network in solidarity by offering our time, skills, social networks, and resources, and standing by as specific needs arise.




"Are you actively practicing generosity and vulnerability in order to make the connections between you and others clear, open, available, durable? Generosity here means giving of what you have without strings or expectations attached. Vulnerability means showing your needs.”

- Adrienne Maree Brown
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