Firefox OS App Workshop - Apply here
Thanks so much for your interest in the Firefox OS App Workshop program! Enrollment is now closed for the June 1 Workshop in Warsaw, Poland. You are welcome to submit an application if you are currently building or porting an HTML5 app for Firefox OS. We do not have any new workshops scheduled or planned at this time.

NOTE: We will not review or respond to your application if it does not include links to existing apps you've already built, a working mobile website you've built, or a github repo hosting HTML5 app code.

These are hands-on technical workshops for skilled app developers. Space is limited and we may not be able to accomodate all qualified applicants.

All of this information will be collected according to Mozilla's Privacy Policy ( and then destroyed once you have been contacted regarding your workshop participation. This information will not be available for viewing to anyone except Tech Evangelism team App Workshop staff.

Thank you for your application and for your interest in developing apps for Firefox OS!
What's the best contact email where we can reach you? *
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Are you applying as an individual, a team or a company? Please share your name and the names of all the participants of your team. *
Individuals and small teams are welcome to participate (up to 3 people).
Where is your team based? *
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What category of app are you planning to build or port to Firefox OS? *
Do you have any existing apps (mobile or web) you can point us to? *
Please provides links to a website or app store where we can see your app(s).
What is the spoken language of your app? *
You may include up to 3 languages, if you plan to localize for more locales.
Please share some examples of web development, web apps, or working code or demos you've built. *
This can be an URL to a Github repo, your listed or hosted app, your website, or another product you've worked on. It can also be a working MDN demo or you can share a video presentation of a working prototype or demo you've built. We'd really like to see code.
Have you thought about which webAPIs you'll need for your app?
Visit the Mozilla Developer Network to learn more about the WebAPIs supported by Firefox OS.
If you have an existing app that's dependent on any frameworks or libraries, which are those?
Or, if you're planning a new app, what frameworks or libraries, if any, do you plan to use?
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