​Language Study for Teachers in the Common Core Era (Online Moodle Registration)
The ​Language Study for Teachers in the Common Core Era course is designed to develop participants’ knowledge of English language fundamentals. We will study grammar, punctuation, and usage. It is designed to be an 8 week, self-paced course on our online Moodle platform.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
Identify the eight parts of speech.
Identify punctuation rules, including those that govern the comma and semicolon
Design active learning activities that makes language abstractions understandable.
Identify what makes English conventions and usage complex.

This course is intended for those who are interested in studying how teachers can impact their instructional effectiveness in helping students understand English grammar and conventions.

Event Number: 18551020
EDU 455/C&I 555
Instructors: Daisy Carlsmith/Ann Ellsworth

Dates: This is a self-paced course. As such, course participants must be comfortable working independently and self-motivated to complete all work within the flexible time frame. Participants may register for the course now. No new registrations will be accepted after November 15, 2019. Participants must complete the course by December 15, 2019.

Registration fee: $240
Credit: 30 OPI Renewal Units or 2 Semester Credits (semester credits are offered through the University of Montana and are an additional fee of $155. The course instructor will provide a separate registration form). The total cost savings is 40% by going through WMPLC to get university continuing education credits.

Upon receipt of course payment by WMPLC, the instructor will enter the student into the course Moodle and send an introductory email, at which time the participant may begin the class. The instructor will then collect the UM credit paperwork and payment, which will be sent to the University of Montana on December 15, 2019, along with final grades.

This course requires the participant to access a couple of texts through their school or public library or purchase said materials from booksellers such as Amazon. The instructor may be available to assist with locating copies, if
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