We are in the era of a volatile and changing world. Technology is disrupting every Industry. All business leaders are concerned about being better adapted in enabling their organizations not just survive but thrive in the coming years. HR has to play dual roles:

1.Orient itself to the new world- especially the challenges and opportunities provided by the rapid digitization and automation (including Artificial Intelligence (AI) /Machine Learning (ML), Bot Led Processes)

2.Enable the organizations they are in to adapt and thrive in this environment

This includes both the hard changes required in terms of systems, technologies and processes and soft changes - including capability development and alignment and mindset shifts required.

At FICCI, we think this is the opportune time to take stock, share collective insights and trigger change for long lasting impact to Organizations and Individuals. We would be delighted if you could fill in the following questionnaire and send it back to us. We will be collating it and sharing the report with you in November at 3rd Edition of FICCI HR Conference.

Participants: HR executives across all levels / CXOs / Learning Professionals

Personal Views: We understand that the responses to this survey reflect your personal views and are not an Organisational representation

Confidentiality: The Survey is anonymous and only collective results shall be published. Demographic details will be used for analysis

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1.Digital HR is a part of your overall HR Strategy *
2.Digital HR is a part of your overall Technology Strategy *
3.Do you have a component of Digital HR built into your goals today *
4.Digital HR, according to you, is primarily for *
5.Digital HR has impacted the following services the most in your organazation *
6.Are your systems cloud based *
7.Have you started using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in any of your HR processes *
8.How do you currently use HR analytics *
9.Is your organization developing you for the Digital Future *
10.Current HR technology used in your organization is: *
11.Your organization has used social media effectively for *
12.Has your organization started using Social media platforms for employee engagement *
13.Are chat applications like ‘Whatsapp/Slack’ used as decision enabling and monitoring tools in your organization *
14.How true is the statement - people in your organization are ready to thrive in the Digital era. *
15.Investment in new age technologies forms a significant part of your HR Budget and your organization is committed to a digital future *
16.Your organization has invested in change management interventions to enable people to adapt to the Digital Future *
17.Technology has impacted how you manage manpower and you have a strategy towards *
18.Do fresh graduates match the knowledge and skills required for future roles in your organization *
19.Your organization has invested in educating you on managing data security in the new economy *
20.Your organization is actively leveraging new technologies and moving towards gaming and simulations for Learning and Development *
21.On a scale of 10, I would rate HR’s involvement in organization’s Digital Strategy as: (1 being for no involvement and 10 being for involvement at the highest level) *
22.As an HR representative, If you are to suggest three actions your organization should take to leverage the opportunities created by the oncoming disruptive digital world they would be: (please mention in 3 bullet points) *
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