Leadership Training--Module 5--Instructor's Code of Ethics
1. Be cheerful! No matter how bad you might feel before putting on your uniform, the moment you cinch the knot in your belt, your attitude should change.

2. Be consistent! Steady attendance is a must. The instructors and students are counting on you.

3. Never be unconstructively critical. Instead, be constructively helpful.

4. Be a good-finder. Look for the good in the students you’re helping and tell them about it.

5. Never punish, discipline instead. Discipline is done out of love; punishment is done out of anger.

6. Give the personal touch. Understand the importance of appropriate physical touch, eye contact, and calling the student by name.

7. Go the extra mile. Always give more than the expected amount.

8. Treat every student with whom you come in contact as though they are the most important person. Why? First, to them, they are. Second, we should treat people that way. Third, They will give you their friendship and their respect.
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