This form is for initial solver submission. A second form will be used for the final submission of solvers and system descriptions.

Please complete this form for each separate submission.

Please see the competition website ( for full details.

Please provide an email address for the corresponding team member in charge of this submission. This email address will only be used for directly queries. General announcements will be via normal channels.

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About the Solver
Before filling out this section you will need to upload your solver to StarExec and place it in a publicly accessible place.

If you have not used StarExec before see
You will also need to request to be part of the SMT community at

Uploaded solvers should have a single configuration.

Links should be of the form

Note that a short system description of 1-2 pages (see Section 4 of the competition rules at is part of the solver submission and MANDATORY. Submission of the system description is due until the final solver deadline on June 2, 2019. Submit the system description via email to the SMT-COMP organizers and include corresponding solver names and StarExec links to the solvers.

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If this solver is a VARIANT of another submission, e.g. an experimental version, provide the name and the StarExec ID of the main solver, otherwise leave blank.
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If this solver is a WRAPPER TOOL (i.e., it includes and calls one or more other SMT solvers, see Section 4 of the competition rules at, list ALL wrapped solvers and their exact version here, otherwise leave blank.
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If this solver is a DERIVED TOOL (i.e., any solver that is based on or extends another SMT solver, see Section 4 of the competition rules at, provide the name of the original tool here. A derived tool should follow the naming convention [name-of-base-solver]-[my-solver-name].
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