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The Australian DF Radio Sailing Association Inc. is a nonprofit, member-run class association formed to represent DF65 and DF95 sailors through Australia. New members are very welcome. There is no cost to join the association, or to register your DF boat. Please complete the form below to apply. If you require assistance or have any questions, please email .

All information collected will be treated in accordance with the ADFRSA's Constitution.

NOTE: If you're an existing member and require a new sail/hull number for a new boat or wish to update your personal details, please use the New Sail Number/Update request form found at

If you have purchased a second hand DF, please request the old owner to advise of that sale so the HRN/sail number can be transferred to you, otherwise you will be allocated the next available number.

Please retain your order /serial number form HWH for warranty purposes, we do not use those numbers.

Please double check your email and address. Applications may take up to 7 days, to process.
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Primary club or fleet name ? (Please add full name eg Paradise Radio Yacht Club. I you are not in a club that's fine, please leave blank and advise the Registrar if/when you join one!)
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Is your club affiliated with your radio sailing state association? (ARYA) Please note, one does not have to be a member of a RC Sailing Club to join us in the fun of sailing a DF boat.
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My boat already has a sail number (HRN) allocated ( the John Toner register,) or if purchased from another owner please advise the HRN/ sail number and request the old owner to email confirming sale to you.
My boat does not yet have a hull/sail number (HRN). I require the next available number, please.
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