Wild & Cultured Berlin Order Form, April 17th
[ DE: Bestellungen bis So, 14. April 23:59 Uhr, Lieferung am Mi, 17. April 2019. Zur Übersetzung des Formulars auf Deutsch bitte Google Translate benutzen. Bei Fragen, schreibe uns eine E-Mail. ]

The deadline for the next order is Sunday April 14th, 11:59PM, delivery on April 17th in your selected pick up point.

By participating in this Coop you will have the chance to feast on whole fermented and cultured foods that will never or rarely enter supermarket shelves as they would explode or have other characteristics that are challenging or unclassifiable for standard retail outlets.

Join our Facebook group for amazing recipes and updates. https://bit.ly/wild-and-cultured-berlin . Join the group also to learn more about the products below!

Deliveries take place every 2 weeks to different locations in Berlin. We are currently finalizing our list of pick-up points. If you have any suggestions for pick-up points (independent bio stores or vegan-friendly restaurants in convenient locations), please let us know! (See form below to see list of locations currently being discussed).

The shelf life for the yogurt products is always at least 2 weeks after delivery, usually more (depends on your taste too :-), and on your fridge cool zone - bacterias hibernate at temperatures of 1 C, and are slightly alive at 8 C - so 1 C is better for longer shelf life).

The tempeh products will last for up to a year in your freezer. If you take the "natural" tempeh products out of the freezer, they need to be used within 5 days (as they are unpasteurized). Our Sous Vides style tempeh has been pasteurized so can be kept frozen for up to a year or stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.

After big sucess during our Berlin tasting evening, we are adding yoguard "bread" (dehydrated coconut yogurt leather) and coconut meat (unfermented) bread into our offer.

After you place an order, please make a payment via bank transfer of total amount and your name to:


Ministry of Cultures
IBAN: DE84 1007 0024 0088 6960 00
Purpose: Wild and Cultured - dein Name

Thank you and Enjoy!

And if you like this platform please share it with others! Help us spread fermented love!

Contact: wild-and-cultured@rawinberlin.de

To comply with GDPR regulations we will not use your personal information for third party and we will delete them two months after you stop ordering our products, with a previous notice.

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Yoguard NATURAL (EUR 3 / 140ml)
Yoguard NATURAL (EUR 16 / 1L)
Yoguard ULTRA RAW SUPERHUMAN (EUR 9 / 300ml)
Yoguard SPREAD (EUR 6 / 300gr)
Yoguard kefír RAW SUPERHUMAN (EUR 6 / 0.5L)
"Bread" Yoguard (EUR 6 / 50gr)
"Bread" made of coconut meat (unfermented) (EUR 5 / 50gr)
Kim-chi Tomchi (EUR 7 / 300ml)
Kim-chi Tomchi (EUR 18 / 1L)
Yoguard self-fermentation kit (out of stock, EUR 28)
Young coconut meat (EUR 14 / 1kg) - frozen, raw
Young coconut water VIRGIN, RAW (out of stock, EUR 8 / 950ml) - frozen
Probiotic bacteria YOGUARD 10 capsules (EUR 6)
Superhuman probiotic cultures (EUR 100 / 50gr)
Soybean Tempeh/Natural BIOl (EUR 3.50 / 200gr)
Soybean Tempeh/Natural BIO (EUR 12 / 800gr)
Black Bean & Rice Tempeh/Natural BIO (EUR 4 / 200gr)
Black Bean & Rice Tempeh/Natural BIO (EUR 16/ 1kg)
Kidney Bean Tempeh/Natural BIO (EUR 4 / 200gr)
Kidney Bean Tempeh/Natural BIO (EUR 16 / 1kg)
Sous Vide Soybean Tempeh BIO/Provencal (EUR 6 /200gr)
Sous Vide Soybean Tempeh BIO/Merguez (EUR 6 / 200gr)
Kircherbson (Chickpea) Tempeh/Natural (EUR 4 / 200 gr)
Sous Vide Soybean Tempeh BIO/Coconut Kebab (EUR 6)
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We are looking forward to our fermented interactions! Carrie, Ben and Filip, Wild & Cultured Berlin
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