2019-2020 MIWOA Rules Exam
Due by 11:59pm Saturday November 30, 2019.
A score of 86% or higher is considered passing.
Test scores will be released prior to the December 2 meeting.
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1. The minimal allowable wrestling area will be a circle with a diameter of 28 feet.
2. In dual meets coaches and athletes will remain either 10 feet away from the mat OR on a corner of the mat.
3. The jurisdiction of the referee will begin upon arrival at the competition site and will conclude after either the last bout at a tournament or upon signing the scorebook in a dual meet.
4. On a legal uniform, a manufacturer's logo will not exceed 3 sq.inches.
5. Rubber bands are not allowed as a legal hair-controlling device.
6. A chin cup attached to headgear is permissible to cover facial hair.
7. The designated, on-site healthcare professional may overrule the diagnosis indicated on a legal medical-release form.
8. During weigh-ins, a wrestler wearing low-cut socks does not make weight on his first attempt on the scale. Before his second attempt on the scale he is allowed to remove these socks.
9. The correct penalty sequence for a false start is as follows: Caution, Penalty 1 point, Penalty 1 point, Penalty 2 points, Disqualification
10. Control will determine the awarding of points.
11. The referee shall always stop the match when warning for or penalizing stalling.
12. Double knotting of laces is an acceptable means of securing them.
13. Any hold/maneuver used in such a way as to endanger life and limb is illegal and shall be penalized as such.
14. How many 2019-2020 NFHS Wrestling Rules are there?
15. The "bottom wrestler" cannot be penalized for a "slam".
16. The maximum amount of cumulative wrestling time a bout can be is 9 1/2 minutes.
17. If a contestant is injured due to an illegal hold, unnecessary roughness, potentially dangerous, or unsportsmanlike conduct during the match, the wrestler is entitled to two minutes of recovery time.
18. When evaluating a head or neck injury, designated on-site medical personnel will have one and half minutes of the wrestler's injury time to either allow or disallow the wrestler to continue competing.
19. Coach Misconduct occurs when a coach improperly questions the referee at the scorer's table.
20. A coach is permitted a warning for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
21. There are a total of 25 illegal holds that may occur during a bout.
22. There can be no technical violation of fleeing the mat if near-fall points have been earned.
23. A figure 4 leg ride on one of the opponent's legs is legal.
24. The combination of two supporting points considered to be in bounds allowing wrestling to continue can be which of the following?
25. Repeatedly breaking down an opponent without an attempt to score or turn the opponent to his back is considered stalling.
26. A legal hold may be stopped if deemed to be potentially dangerous.
27. A figure 4 on the head in a pinning situation is legal.
28. Wrestling shall continue and near-fall may be awarded if the offensive wrestler is completely out of bounds and the defensive wrestler is in bounds and in criteria.
29. If a false start in the neutral position results in injury to the opponent and the injured contestant is unable to continue after using two minutes of recovery time, the injured contestant shall lose the match.
30. Errors requiring bad time to be re-wrestled can be corrected at any point during the match.
31. Given first choice of position in the first of the two 30 second tie-breakers, a wrestler may elect to defer her choice to the second.
32. The correct referee signal for deferring choice of position is the same as the signal as for a DQ or a technical fall default.
33. Time required to treat a pre-existing medical condition or illness is also counted as injury time.
34. Regardless of the situation or position of wrestlers, the match shall be stopped immediately once an advantage of 15 points has been met and the winner will be declared by technical fall.
35. If the second injury time-out occurs at the conclusion of the second 30-second tiebreaker unless an opponent has received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at any time during the match, the opponent shall have the choice of top or bottom position at the start of the ultimate tiebreaker period.
36. The second time a wrestler is injured with concern to the head, neck, or central nervous system he will default the match.
37. After a 2 point stalling call the opponent will be allowed to choose the restart position after the next clock stoppage.
38. Coaching is allowed for the non-injured wrestler only during a timeout.
39. Grasping of a uniform or headgear is an illegal maneuver.
40. Disqualification due to stalling will not eliminate a contestant from further competition in tournaments.
41. Injury stoppages concerning the head, neck, and central nervous system will not effect the standard 1 and a half minutes of injury time.
42. Stalling penalties and technical violations are no longer part of the same sequence of infractions.
43. A backflip from the standing position is permissible.
44. Grasping one finger of an opponent is illegal.
45. The repeated interlocking of fingers in a neutral position should be considered stalling.
46. A greasy substance on a wrestler's body or uniform immediately disqualifies him or her from competition and results in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
47. A bandana is not considered legal hair cover.
48. The wrong wrestler is given choice of position at the beginning of the second period. The following should occur:
49. A straight head scissor with or without the arm is illegal and should be stopped immediately.
50. A wrestler will be disqualified upon his second unsportsmanlike conduct during the match.
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