2nd Annual Caswell Small Business Recognition
Thank you for your interest in the business community of Caswell County. Please include below your nominations in the categories provided. Businesses nominated must be a member of the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce in good standing. Please respond by April 15.

A directory of members may be found here: https://caswellchamber.org/chamber-member-directory/
ADVOCATE AWARD: The success of a small business is often dependent on the ecosystem that it is surrounded by. This designation honors an organization that strengthens the community’s small business environment. *
COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR: This recognition pays tribute to an organization, that although small, makes a big difference in the lives of others. Nonprofits and for-profits alike can participate in this award. *
CULTURE CREATOR: Creating a company culture is not just for large corporations. This small business is intentional by investing in the development and wellbeing of its employees. *
EMERGING ENTREPRENEUR: This kudos will go to a young professional who is shaking up the small business space. Applicants must be under 40 years of age. *
The community is invited to participate. Nominations will be presented to the Chamber Board of Directors for final voting. Winners will be announced in late April at our Annual Membership Meeting (COVID permitting). Feel free to share any feedback below. Thank you for your participation.
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