Animal Welfare Charter Consultation
The RSPCA is planning to launch the first ever Animal Welfare Charter for all businesses, organisations and associations.

Whatever your size, scope or purpose, we want businesses and other organisations to be able to prove they share their consumers' love for animals.

So - we’re opening up a conversation with businesses, civic society and public bodies to find out how a Charter can benefit organisations all over the country. This consultation is all about getting your thoughts on this exciting new scheme.

The proposed Charter contains accessible, achievable and positive commitments which organisations can meet to help animals - from reducing the use of single-use plastics, to sharing welfare information with colleagues.

Even if you don’t want to complete the whole consultation, leaving your contact details below will ensure you are kept up-to-date with the future launch of the Animal Welfare Charter; and how you can get involved.

The Animal Welfare Charter consultation is open until 1 April 2020.
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For us to understand the reach of this consultation and implications for the Charter, we are interested in the size of your business or organisation. Could you tell us how many employees currently work for your organisation?
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Do you believe subscribing to an Animal Welfare Charter would be useful for your business or organisation?
Do you have any opinions or viewpoints on the proposed content of the Animal Welfare Charter?
Have you signed up to any other corporate social responsibility schemes, or similar responsible business programmes, and if so which ones? Or has the organisation taken its own independent steps in achieving corporate social responsibility?
What kind of benefits would interest you by subscribing to an Animal Welfare Charter?
If the RSPCA was to supply logoed materials (e.g - a window sticker) so you could publicly display adoption of the Charter, would this be of interest to your business or organisation?
Is there anything else the RSPCA could do, or offer, to encourage your business or organisation to adopt the Animal Welfare Charter?
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