The All Hands Active Wish-List!
Do you feel like AHA is missing a tool, supplies, or some other useful thing? Drill bits to paper towel -- we want to hear from you. First check the current wish-list to see if your thing has already been requested:

If not, fill out the form below, and the Board will look into getting it as time and money allow.

If said thing is something you think we really need RIGHT NOW, consider chipping in a few dollars for the thing! Get other members on-board to do the same, tell your friends, etc., and the AHA Operations Crew will try very hard to make your dreams not just be dreams.

Also: if you are THE BEST PERSON EVER, see a thing on the wish-list that we really need, and endeavor to purchase it out of the goodness of your heart: please let the Board know so we can cross it off the list, while thanking you for your awesome generosity.
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If possible, please provide a link (product page, Amazon, etc.) to the thing:
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What is your name/email address/other contact info? Just in case we need to follow-up with you about this thing (optional -- will show up in the public wish-list spreadsheet):
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