Greenhand Officer Application 2018-19
If you are a first year member in the FFA program, you have the opportunity to apply to be a Greenhand Officer! Becoming a Greenhand FFA Officer is a challenging process, yet a very rewarding opportunity. Through this Greenhand Officer candidate process, you will grow as a person and advance in leadership development and career preparation. Congratulations on deciding to run for office!

Although Chapter FFA Office takes a great deal of hard work and dedication, officers will gain experiences and contacts that will last a lifetime. The skills gained will help prepare them for future careers, opportunities in college, and leadership roles in other organizations. Chapter officers serve the Righetti FFA members and advisors. They make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

You will be interviewed on Wednesday November 6 at 3:00pm in Room 432 by the Ag Teachers. The Greenhand Officer team will be announced at the Greenhand Banquet on Wednesday November 20, at 5:30pm in the RHS Gym.

Expectations for Righetti FFA Greenhand Officers:

1. Be punctual to all FFA activities and classes.
2. Be courteous and, respectful to everyone and their property.
3. Be great listeners.
4. Be exemplary students during meetings, conventions, workshops and presentations.
5. Be selfless, think of the needs of others first.
6. Be thrifty with the members' money.
7. Work hard on all tasks.
8. Be lawful, safe, and responsible while driving. Do not use alcohol or illegal drugs.
9. Be friendly and personable to everyone.
10. Be fully prepared for all meetings and classes.
11. Use professional language.
12. Be responsible, respect due dates and respond to communications.
13. Be appreciative and grateful.
14. Be genuine and approachable to all members.
15. Keep team business within the team.
16. Laugh and enjoy.
17. Thank others for assistance.
18. Be enrolled in an agricultural class.
19. Attend all Greenhand Officer planning meetings.
20. Attend chapter activities and fund-raisers.
21. Promote our chapter within the community.

The Greenhand Officer team will help plan the March FFA Monthly Meeting on March 18th, 2020!

I have read and understand the "Expectations of the Greenhand Officers." I understand they apply to me in my pursuit of a position on the Greenhand Officer Team. I further understand that failure to comply to the expectations may result in my early dismissal from the team.

**** If you agree you may continue with the application ****
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Thank you for applying! You are making an important step in taking a leadership role in the FFA! Interviews are Wednesday November 6th after school in the Ag Rooms. You don't need to be in your FFA uniform.
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