GT Catholic Student Organization Pillar Positions: Fall 2021 Application
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Thank You for Your Prayerful Consideration!

Term: The commitment for these positions is Fall 2021 unless indicated otherwise next to the position.

Deadline: Tuesday, April 13th at 11:59PM

Note: We encourage that you apply for 3-4 positions so we can ensure that you have a good opportunity to get involved in CSO. Please, only submit ONE APPLICATION even if you are applying for several positions.
Also, please note that if you apply for a coordinator position, you will automatically be considered for the team, as well.

There will not be interviews for these positions.
Available Positions

Hannah Takash - President -

Sarah Pennebaker - Vice President -

Matthew Artall - Treasurer -

Makaela Edmonds - Secretary -

Kayla MacLeod - Public Relations Chair -

Jake Weitzel - Liturgy Chair -

Maddie MacDonald - Faith Formation Chair -

Joshua Cruz - Outreach Chair -

Brandon D'Arienzo - Community Life Chair -
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Please apply for the 3-4 positions you are most interested in:
We recognize the great amount of work you all have on your plate, so we are aiming to limit Pillar Positions to one per person for Fall 2021. This will be handled on a case by case basis by the CSO board.

Please note the difference between Coordinator and Team positions, although responsibilities vary, Coordinator positions are generally more involved than Team positions and may require a certain skill or experience. See the Pillar Description document for more details!

We appreciate the gift of your time and energy!
Administration Positions
The admin pillars are vital to everything that happens at the CC, forming the groundwork for the success of the whole organization. These are great positions for more artistically-minded people!

Administrative Coordinators
Administrative Teams
Liturgy Positions
The liturgy pillars support the most important work done at the Catholic Center, ensuring the Holy Sacrament is respected and dignified through reverent Masses and continual adoration.

Liturgy Coordinator
Liturgical Teams
Faith Formation Positions
The Faith Formation pillars conduct various events and classes around the CC to engage students spiritually and intellectually.

Faith Formation Coordinators
Faith Formation Teams
Outreach Positions
The Outreach pillars are focused on the corporal works of mercy, providing service opportunities for our community and engaging others through evangelization and support

Outreach Coordinators
Outreach Teams
Community Life Positions
Community life is focused on building a Christ-centered, authentic relationships. We do this through fun and engaging events geared toward inviting others into our community.

Note: From the community life team pillars, committees will be created to plan and execute tailgates, pancake breakfasts, sundae nights, and other community life events from those who apply. If applying for a position as a Community Life Team Coordinator or Member, please indicate your preference for which event(s) you would be most interested in.

Community Life Coordinators
Community Life Teams
If you selected Community Life Team or Coordinator, which event(s) would you be interested in planning and executing (including Pancake Breakfasts, Sundae Nights, Community Dinners, and Tailgates)?
Final Questions
Please rate your position preferences in order from most interested to least interested. *
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Current Involvements *
Please list any current or intended involvements in school, clubs, and/or work from now until the end of a possible position with the CSO.
Reason For Applying *
Why are you interested in this position? (1-2 sentences please)
Any other comments about your qualifications?
A place to put any pertinent details about yourself that may apply to the positions your are applying for, ie, applying for photographer and have a camera or applying for grocery shopper and have a car. A large amount of detail is not required.
Any other comments or suggestions?
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