BCE Business Sponsorship 2020-21
Thank you for your commitment to our Burlingame public schools - we couldn't do what we do without you! We deeply appreciate your interest in sponsoring a BCE event, making an investment in our great schools and partnering with BCE to provide prime exposure to our community of dedicated families. We look forward to working with you!

This form is intended to allow you to provide a commitment to sponsor a BCE event with a check to be mailed BY EVENT DEADLINE specified below. Sponsorships will not be considered in effect until payment is received.
If you'd like to complete your sponsorship via credit card or e-check, please use this link https://bit.ly/2Z9XRqi

Questions? Need more information? Please email business@bcefoundation.org

Please print the confirmation email and mail along with a check payable to BCE to PO Box 117730, Burlingame, CA 94011 ATTN: Business Sponsorship. Sponsorships are not confirmed until payment is received.
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Some of the sponsorship opportunities described in the Sponsorship Benefits grid
are time-sensitive. In the event a deadline has passed for a particular sponsorship opportunity, Sponsor will receive the remaining applicable sponsorship opportunities associated with the Sponsor’s sponsorship level.

The sponsor is responsible for providing information and artwork in the designated formats as requested by the dates specified in order to be included on some or all promotion materials as indicated by each sponsorship level. The sponsor is responsible for providing all promotional materials including but not limited to high-quality logo files, videos (if applicable), print ad (if applicable), etc.

FORCE MAJEURE (Postponement or Cancellation of Event)
Sponsor agrees that BCE shall not be responsible for events beyond its reasonable control. If the Event is canceled due to conditions beyond BCE’s control, the Sponsor is not entitled to any refund of money paid or goods and/or services provided. If the event is postponed due to conditions beyond BCE’s control and then rescheduled, BCE shall provide Sponsor with whatever sponsorship opportunities remain from those applicable to Sponsor’s sponsorship level.

The sponsor agrees that the liability of BCE and its directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, collectively, shall be the amount paid by Sponsor to BCE for sponsorship of the Event or $2,500, whichever is greater.

Sponsor understands that there exists no binding agreement, and that Sponsor is not a sponsor of the event, unless and until both (a) Sponsor’s check has been issued to and accepted by BCE; and (b) this application is approved via email by the BCE. An official tax acknowledgment will be issued by BCE as well.

By providing your electronic signature below, you are acknowledging you have reviewed the sponsorship grid, event details, and agreement details above and accept them in full force and effect.
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