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The ongoing pandemic continues to challenge lifestyles and systems. The prolonged use of vaccines under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) coupled with emergence of mutations and variants warrants attention so that highest standards of health and safety are ensured. With fast-changing clinical and public-health scenarios, the need to share information is more pressing than ever-before. Vaccination certainly is one the keys to overcoming this pandemic if carried out at the required speed.

University of Health Sciences Lahore has established a vaccination tracker to understand and update various trends. Whether multiple jab of the same vaccine or mix-and-match, the PolyVac Tracker invites individuals (particularly the vaccinated ones) to partake in the simple survey aimed at recording and sharing self-reported vaccination and post-vaccination experiences. The Investigators also invite the survey participants to contact on the following phone numbers in case they develope any reportable symptoms or medical conditions upto two years after vaccination(s). Free tele-consultancy will be provided starting in two weeks.

All information will be used for promoting education and literacy on the topic. Names of all manufacturers are mentioned as per the list of EUL holders or approval issued / granted by the World Health Organization or a National Drug regulator.

The survey is expected to take no more than 10 min. Following contact details could be used for any queries and/or submitting a paper-based questionnaire. Thanking you in advance!


0310 4443059

0310 4446771
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Pfizer BIONtech
Serum Institute of India
The Gamaleya National Center
CanSino BIO
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What made you choose COVID vaccination?
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