Teaching with Mental Health in Mind: Contributing Writer Submission
Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributing writer for Teaching with Mental Health in Mind. The conversations about mental health are on the rise and we would like to continue the dialogue by sharing relevant and relatable stories that impact classroom and school culture. This book will include information about mental health as well as challenges which can affect mental health to shed light on the experiences of educators' battles.

Submissions for the first publication will be accepted through March 31st. Up to 5 submissions per person can be made.

If you wish to recommend a colleague or friend in the field of education, you may forward this information.

Notifications will be sent by email on the status of your submission. The final decisions will be made by April 30th.

You may wish to visit www.teachwhole.com to learn more about Erica N. Wortherly and the focus of her work.
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