Petrosky Curbside Checkout
Complete this form to request books for check out. Kinder and 1st grade can check out 2 books and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade can check out 3 books. Keep books up to 2 weeks and return when you pick up your next selections. Mrs. Ozturk will look at your requests and try to pick books you will love. Use the box at the end to request a specific series or topic not listed. Read the books you like and just return them all when done. We will have curbside pick up in the car rider pick-up area on Wednesday afternoon from 4-6 pm. Make sure you return any books you currently have checked out when you come to pick up your new ones.
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Need to talk to Mrs. Ozturk? Worried because you can't find your book? It is OK- if you have misplaced a book from last year, you can still check out books. Try your best to find them, and if you do, just return it. Leave me a note here and leave a number where I can call you if you need to talk to me.
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