Grassland bird captures 2019-2020
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Hello everyone!

The grassland bird captures in Marfa are around the corner! To help us plan the logistics and give everyone the best experience, we have created this form. Please fill this out to let us know what day(s) you want to participate and with how many people.

Remember that this experience allows you to be close to your grassland birds and watch trained people counting, catching, and banding these birds. Chances of seeing a Baird's Sparrow have never been so high!

As a volunteer, you will help us herd the birds towards our mistnets, and sometimes carry poles and mistnets. You should be prepared to hike quite a bit through the Marfa Grasslands. Our captures take place at the Mimms Ranch owned by the Dixon Water Foundation. This means that you will get access to this private property that holds one of the most beautiful grasslands in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Each day, we will gather at the Mimms Ranch headquarters at 7:30 am. We start with a short presentation on the project and explain what we are going to do that day. Then we will get into BRI trucks and drive to our study site to start our field day. Remember to carry lots of water and pack a lunch. We typically capture from 8 am to 1 or 2 pm, with a lunch break in the field. The schedule may change depending on the weather.

Thank you for your interest in our project! We really appreciate the help of our volunteers, without you this project would not be possible.
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