COVID Community Food Program (CCFP) Maxi & cie Grocery Order Form

CCFP service at Maxi & cie is offered on Wednesdays. The deadline for all Order Submissions (including any edits/changes) is, depending on demand:

Submission Deadline* Shop and Delivery Day

Monday at 17:00 for Wednesday

Step 1: Confirm Your Understanding and Agreement

Payment Process: All matters related to payment are the responsibility of Maxi & cie.

i) If you choose Delivery Service, you may only pay via credit card. Once a cashier has processed your Order on the day of delivery, you will be called for credit card information. If the payment transaction cannot be completed at this time, the Order will be put aside **FOR A MAXIMUM OF ONE HOUR**.

ii) If you choose Pick Up Service, you may pay with cash, debit, or credit card from your vehicle.


By proceeding, you confirm your understanding and agreement that this Program is made possible by not-for-profit organizations and community volunteers. Neither TrashTalk, Hear Québec, West Island Network, nor any of the volunteers shall bear any responsibility or liability for any matter whatsoever related to the products selected, not selected or condition upon delivery, the services rendered, the handling of personal information, nor any matter related to payment or credit card information.

If you have any concerns or feedback, please email or call 514-488-5552 (ext. 4500).

To confirm your agreement with the above, enter your e-mail address below and proceed to Step 2.
Email address *
Please double check your email before proceeding to Step 2
A confirmation email will be sent upon successful submission of your Order. Please check your Junk Folder prior to calling 514-488-5552 (ext. 4500) if not received after 12hrs
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